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This research study outlines the impact of marketing planning and control in manufacturing company carried out with Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Benin City as a case study. It study the role and importance of marketing planning and control in the achievement of corporate objective. It is also intended to analyze some of the difficult marketing managers encountered in the execution of marketing plans and to suggest possible remedies to these difficulties. The research method used for data collection was mainly questionnaire administration and personal interview, which are both primary source in addition to desk research in area such as objective of effective marketing planning, scope of marketing planning, the contents and the benefits of the marketing planning were reviewed. The simple percentage method was used to test the hypotheses. After analysis of the relevant data collected, important findings were singled out and conclusions were drawn. Some of the conclusion among others are that marketing planning was not instituted in the corporate strategy for profitability and it is the only management that is capable of integrating the divers marketing activities found in any organization into a unified programme that is goal-oriented. The findings reviewed marketing planning and control affect maximization in product, marketing planning help in achieving the organizational goals and objectives, motivation of staff affects the successful implementation of marketing planning and control. From these findings, conclusion and recommendations were made, that there should be a planning committee in the marketing department, whose responsibility will be to draw up that plans on which the implementation of the company sales force should feed the marketing department with constant information about competitors in the market.   


Title Page                                                                 i

Certification                                                             ii

Dedication                                                               iii

Acknowledgments                                                    iv

Abstract                                                                   v

Table of Contents                                                     vi

Chapter One: Introduction                                    1

  1. Background to the Study                                         1
  2. Statement of Research Problem                               5
  3. Research Questions                                                 5
  4. Research Hypothesis                                                       6
  5. Purpose of the Study                                                       7
  6. Significance of the Study                                         7
  7. Scope of the Study                                                   8
  8. Limitations of the Study                                          9
  9. Operational Definition of Terms                                       10

Chapter Two: Literature Review                            14

  1. Marketing Planning                                                         14
  2. Types of Marketing Plan                                          15
  3. Scope of Marketing Planning                                   17
  4. The Concept of Planning and Objective for Planning and Control            19
  5. Planning Marketing Efforts                                      21
  6. The Concept and Benefits of a Marketing Planning         23
  7. Objective of Marketing Planning and Control          27

Chapter Three: Research Methodology                         30

  1. Research Design                                                      30
  2. Population of the Study                                           30
  3. Sample/Sampling Technique                                  30
  4. Method of Data Collection                                       31
  5. Validation of Instrument                                          33
  6. Method of Data Analysis                                          33

Chapter Four: Presentation and Analysis of Data        35

  1. Data Presentation                                                    35
  2. Data Analysis and Interpretation                             35
  3. Test of Hypothesis                                                   55
  4. Discussion of Findings                                            60

Chapter Five: Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations         61

  1. Summary of Findings                                              61
  2. Conclusion                                                              61
  3. Recommendations                                                   62
  4. Suggestions for Further Research                            63

References                                                               65

Appendix I                                                               67

Appendix II                                                              68




1.1   Background to the Study  

The relevance of marketing planning and control cannot be over-emphasized as it is necessary for a manufacturing company.

Looking ahead and prepare for the future is better than to look back and regret. An organization especially a manufacturing is very competitive and needs to examine how it can effectively develop plan and strategies for serving its marketing.

The aim of any marketing operation is to make the future happier. But this was not well recognized by most firms initially so job that should be handled by experts in the field of marketing were given to less qualified personnel and in most cases this shorten the life of most business.

Planning is the management function of setting target or objective to be achieved and detailing out ways by which target will be achieved. In manufacturing organization (Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Benin City). Marketing planning and control show who is to do the job (qualified marketing personnel) how the qualified marketing personnel carryout the job and when the job will be done.

Marketing planning and control share with the others activities of the marketing mix the distinction in commerce of being a dynamic element in operation of business. The effective of marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization enable the organization to absorb possible shock emitting from marketing environmental change. The subject matter is chosen by the researcher to explain the foregoing marketing planning and control in other to know its effectiveness.

According to Adirika (2003) in his lecture note “marketing planning is an exercise of analysis for and to increase the effectiveness of marketing or drawing from the past to decide in the present what to do in other to achieve the marketing objective enterprise efficient effective”.

Marketing planning does not depend on only theory or book knowledge. In other to plan effectively, we need to understand and know about out own environment (macro and micro environment) where the marketing plan will operate for marketing planning and control to be effective, the qualified marketing personnel that carried out the marketing and control may consider some element or feature such as time. Marketing planning and control will be effective if the plan has a stated time, for completion, the estimate of time may be verified depending on the product or firm. For marketing planning and control to be effective, the money for materials needed for the effective planning must be available and human resources. The qualified marketing personnel would have a group of consumers or target market in mind and then position the organization’s or company’s product on this target market or segment. Marketing control played a vital role in a manufacturing organization. If all marketing programme or plans along with other sub-functions are ideal and well harnessed but lack control, it will be likened to driving a well structured comfortable vehicle without steering on a very busy road. Control is the vital follow up process which is complementary to planning while marketing planning is deciding in advance what needs to be done, how and when it should be done.    

Marketing control is concerned with establishing and maintaining appropriate procedure and measuring the implementation of marketing plan and strategies set out to achieve marketing objective and taking necessary corrective action. Marketing management has to do with the activities of production, distribution of such product through appropriate contribution, channel and price are made readily accessible to consumer marketing planning and control can be briefly introduced.

Nwokoye (2004) stated that is designing on environment for effective market the planer analysis the market opportunities and competitive environment based on the products strength develop a way or strategy to achieve the objective plans should be committed to writing it involves systematic thinking. The most essential task is to see that the purpose, objective and method of attaining them are clearly defined and understanding. In management marketing in a production industry planning and control are especially inseparable unplanned action has been achieved to determine without the control function. In the case of Nigeria Bottling Company, focus of this study, the effect of marketing planning and control should constitute a major management function.

1.2   Statement of Problem

The rate of discontinuance of some business have made many and individual to doubt if the operations such business embark on marketing planning and control. In a situation like this, when there is doubt surrounding an issue, a study of this nature becomes imperative especially as it help to clarify issues. And hence this study, so the problem of this study put in the question form is what the impact of marketing planning and control is in a manufacturing company.

1.3   Research Questions

1.     Are Nigeria companies using marketing planning and control in their operations?

2.     How are the marketing plan being implemented by the implementation?

3.     What method of planning and control do these companies use in their evaluation of marketing activities?

4.     What are the solutions to the problems encountered during the companies?

1.4   Research Hypotheses

Hypothesis One

HO:   Marketing planning and control does not affect the profit maximization in production.

HI:    Marketing planning and control affect the profit maximization in production.

Hypothesis Two

HO:   Marketing planning and control does not help in achieving organizational goals and objectives.

HI:    Marketing planning and control help in achieving organizational goals and objectives.

Hypothesis Three

HO:   Motivating of staff does not affect the successful implementation of marketing planning and control.

HI:    Motivation of staff affects the successful implementation of marketing planning and control.

1.5   Purpose of the Study

The study aims at:

  1. To know the effectiveness of marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization.
  2. To know some basic problems that develop in the process of having good marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization.
  3. To provide the researcher some solutions to the problems and reduce bottleneck in planning process of the particular organization.
  4. To know the benefit of good marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization.

1.6   Significance of the Study

The significance of the study is to draw the attention of other researchers in the field of business especially marketing to be interested in the conduct of more indebt research in the area of the marketing planning and control effectively.

The idea will act as a framework i.e. to put the plan together to direct market manager on how to put the plan together so as to make it effective in formulating good marketing planning and control over foreign investor in Nigeria.

The study will also induce business managers, entrepreneurs, marketing, managers and sales managers to take proper care to develop a marketing plan and control that will be devoid of the problem identified by the research in the study.

This write up is also expected to teach young learners to serve as history for them during their own time of learning. Based on findings, the researcher will work within his scope to provide some solutions to the research problem and reduce unavoidable ones.

1.7   Scope of the Study

The project is certain and centered on the impact of marketing planning and control in a manufacturing company using the Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Benin City as a Case Study. It will enable the researcher touch some major problems encountered by marketing planning and control.

1.8   Limitations of the Study

The major limitation of this research work is bias on the side of the respondents; most of them felt that the information needed was for some purpose other than this research work.

There was also the problem of finance, the cost of getting the materials such as duplicating papers, running round together necessary information from the respondents constituted a major problem.

Finally was the problem of academics; there was high tension and choked-up programme at school, the time for this research work was too short that the researcher overstretch himself in the course of gathering the relevant information that will make this research work worthy of acceptance. But irrespective of these problems, the researcher has a high degree of reliance of the relevance of the data collected and assures that the above hurdles did not invalidate the usefulness of this study.

1.9   Operational Definition of Terms

Here are the important terms in the topic to be defined. These terms are marketing planning and marketing control.


According to Kotler (2012), marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and group obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others. The main point to note here is the creation and exchange of values. Values basically refer to what gives the consumer a high degree of satisfaction.           

According to Nwokoye (2004), marketing is the set of activities that facilitate exchange transaction involving economic goods and services for the ultimate purpose of satisfying human needs. The activities implied in the above definition that product have been designed, development produced, branded, packaged and make available for consumers.

According to Institute of Marketing London, marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer requirement profitably.

According to Kotler (2009), marketing is getting the right goods and services to the right people at the right time at the right price with the right communication and promotions. Generally speaking, marketing is the creation and delivery of a standard of living. It involves finding out the wants of the consumers planning and developing a product or service that will certify those want profitability. For the purpose of this study, marketing can be looked at as a system of marketing available finished products to the consumer at a reasonable price and profit to the organization.

Marketing Planning

As a matter of facts, planning is the selection of enterprise objective and strategies, policy and procedure for achieving them.

According to Kotler (2009), marketing planning is the deciding in the present of what to do in future. It comprises both the determination of a desired future and the step necessary to bring it about. It is that process whereby companies reconcile their resources both with their objectives and opportunities.

Kotler (2009) defined marketing planning process involving which decide marketing strategic that will help the company attain it overall strategies objective. It may also be defined as the process of developing and implementing a plan to identify, anticipate and satisfying consumer demand in such a way as to make profit. Marketing planning is also a product specific, market specific or company wide plan that describes activities involved in achieving specific marketing objective within a set time frame.

Marketing Control 

Control can be defined as a management which involves setting measuring performance against standards, feedback from result and correcting deviation from standard. Ordinarily, the control function deals with measuring performance against goals and how it show negative deviation can be corrected, to ensure accomplishment of plans.

According to Kotler (2009), marketing control involve three basic steps, measuring of result, analysis the cause of poor result and taking corrective action.

Shagginess (2006) put it vividly that “control checks on whether plan are being achieved”. He further explained that control is necessary because many surprise must have happened in the marketing place during the execution in the action programme.

Marketing control in a production concern as the function that ensure the operation are performed according to the plan and to see whether a better one could be desired in the light of the experience gained.

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